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CostNumber of
Number of questions and typical useCost per
$19.9535 credits140 questions - Personal use57.0¢
$29.9570 credits280 questions - Personal use42.8¢
$54.95150 credits600 questions - Personal use36.6¢
$104.95310 credits1240 questions - Personal use33.9¢
$159.95500 credits2000 questions - Group use32.0¢
$249.95800 credits3200 questions - Group/school use31.2¢
$499.951750 credits7000 questions - Small school use28.6¢
$999.953800 credits15200 questions - Large school use 26.3¢
$5000.0022000 credits88000 questions - Small college use 22.7¢
$10000.0050000 credits200000 questions - Large college use20.0¢

Any size of account is available for personal, group, school, or college use. Each test uses a specific number of credits, which is noted near the description for the test, and calculated as the number of questions in the test divided by 4.  Each time a test is obtained, questions are randomly selected from those available for the test, and the required number of credits will be deducted from your account.  If the same test is obtained multiple times, a different random selection of questions will appear, though some may be questions you have already seen.  Schools or large organizations may also be interested in our unlimited annual accounts - contact us for details.

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