ExamBank Usage Survey

The ExamBank Project is a grassroots initiate for use by apprentices practicing for exams, seasoned trades people challenging the Red Seal or anyone in between. With ExamBank's popularity growing each year, we receive an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Nevertheless, we want to continue to improve the service. To do this we are always looking for input on what our users value the most.

Tell us what you think of the ExamBank Project. What do you find the most useful, and what you would like to see added or improved on the site? The survey below contains 12 questions and should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.

ExamBank Usage Survey

1. What type of account do you have?

Personal Account
School Account
Business Account

2. How would you best classify yourself?

Challenging Red Seal
Career Counselor
Business Owner or Manager

3. How many years has your account been in use?

Less than a year
1 - 2 years
2 - 3 years
3 - 4years
More than 4 years
4. Check all the periods that have been accessed with your account.
First Period
Second Period
Third Period
Fourth Period
Red Seal
5. Check all the trades that are primarily accessed with your account.
Auto Body Prepper
Auto Body Repairer
Auto Body Refinisher
Auto Body Technician
Automotive Service Technician
Cabinet Maker
Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic
Heavy Equipment Technician
Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Rig Technician
Steamfitter Pipefitter
Transport-Trailer Mechanic
Truck and Transport Mechanic
Wire Process Operator

6. Check all the ways you use ExamBank.

Student(s) use ExamBank from home.
Student(s) use ExamBank from school only.
Student(s) use ExamBank from home and school.
Students use ExamBank at work.
Practice exams are printed from the website.
ExamBank is used on a school projector.
ExamBank is used on a continual basis throughout the period.
ExamBank is used as a pre-test for individual units.
ExamBank is used as a review for individual units.
ExamBank is used as a review for end of period exams.
ExamBank is used to prepare for Red Seal Exams.

7. How many months out of the year is your account in use?

Months used each year:  

8. What do you feel are the most beneficial attributes of ExamBank? How has ExamBank helped in preparation for testing?

9. What positive results have you seen since using ExamBank?

10. Have you recommended ExamBank to others?


   If you have recommended ExamBank to others, what methods have been used?

11. What new resources would you like to see available on ExamBank?

12. What could we do better?

Additional comments you would like to share with The ExamBank Project development team.

Optional Survey Participant Information
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Role in Organization:
School or Business Name:

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