Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Tests

First Period
Entire First Period / All Sections 100 Questions 25 credits Randomized, from 1254 questions
Entire First Period / All Sections 40 Questions 10 credits Randomized, from 1254 questions
Section 1: Occupational Skills
  • Safety Legislation, Regulations, and Industry Policy in the Trades
  • Climbing, Lifting, Rigging, and Hoisting
  • Hazardous Materials and Fire Protection
  • Tools and Instruments
  • Ladders, Scaffolds, and Lifts
  • Rigging and Hoisting Equipment
  • Relevant Codes
  • Customer Relations
  • Introduction to Drawing Interpretation
  • Pipe Working Skills, Soldering, and Brazing
  • Materials and Fastening Devices
20 Questions 5 credits Randomized, from 412 questions
Section 2: Introduction to Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating
  • Refrigeration Principles
  • Vapour Compression Cycle
  • Introduction to Refrigeration, Enthalpy, and Gas Laws
  • Air Properties and Airflow Designs
  • Air Handling Systems and Accessories
  • Air Filtration
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Relevant Codes
  • Introduction to Valve Design and Functions
  • Refrigerant and Oil Handling
  • Introduction to Gasfitting Fundamentals
  • Properties of Gas and Principles of Combustion
  • Introduction to Gasfitting Code and Regulations
20 Questions 5 credits Randomized, from 441 questions
Section 3: Introduction to Electrical Theory
  • Introduction to Electrical Safety, Connections, and Meters
  • Current, Voltage, and Resistance
  • Series Resistive Circuits
  • Parallel Resistive Circuits
  • Series-Parallel Resistive Circuits
  • Methods of Producing EMF and Magnetism
  • Fundamentals of Alternating Current
20 Questions 5 credits Randomized, from 294 questions
Section 4: Introduction to Controls
  • Introduction to Control Systems
  • Control Components
  • Refrigeration Control Circuits
  • HVAC Control Circuits
  • Building Systems Controls
20 Questions 5 credits Randomized, from 107 questions
Second Period
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Third Period
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Fourth Period
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